CHS has been supporting Club segment for more than decade and half. CHS has acquired wealth of knowledge by implement CHS solution across the nation and more then 80 plus clubs.

Then capabilities built as part of the 80 implementations with different business model has made CHS solution superior than other products and incomparable.

We would like to reiterate that we are a comprehensive solution and not piece together solution. CHS is fully, seamlessly and successfully integrated club segment ERP.

CHS is not a market place where modules a loosely stitched together and never had a single implementation. CHS has been a proven solution and just not a sales presentation which has pulled together multiple products to make it look like it solves the problem.

CHS is a single organization where the support comes from one source to support all the capabilities, which makes customer at ease. CHS is one service platform, so we offer unparalleled seamless customer support. In addition to that Training the client is from single source and not from multiple organization.

CHS Product setup has been done several times and it not complicated like stitched together solutions.

CHS Customer service facilities to maintain CHS software with limited IT Support. The upgrades of multiple modules are very well tested and doesn’t create any incompatibility across modules.

CHS software has been tailored for Club related segment so doesn’t need that many customizations to the base product like other Generic ERPs like SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Navision. In fact, CHS has successfully replaced the failed implementation of the Generic ERPs. CHS would be happy to provide reference for the replacement of the Generic ERP with other clients.

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